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Tsunade Jiraiya Orochimaru
Favourite style of art: Jiraiya: Anything with hot babes!!! :D
Wallpaper of choice: Jiraiya: Tsunade's boobs! XD Tsunade: Hey, you old perv!!! >o<
Skin of choice: Orochimaru: you don't want to know >:D
Personal Quote: Hey, you're kind of sexy!
This club exists for the three legendary ninja from Masashi Kishimoto's excellent manga (and anime) "Naruto".
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:spotlight-right: News and Updates :spotlight-left:

July 7, 2007
Whew! Added, like, lots of members. About SEVENty? ;)

April 11, 2007
Done with prize.

December 3, 2006

AND THE WINNER OF OUR FOOD CONTEST GOES TO...… by :iconblue-iceland: WINNER! CONGRATULATIONS… by :iconburning-gaze: :new:


October 27, 2006
Contest Ended! Please send in votes through note.

Minor updates.

:postit: BULLETIN BOARD :postit:
:megaphone: Members, we have a :new: member system!

We will now divide the members into three sections:

-Orochimaru Fans

-Tsunade Fans

-Jiraiya Fans

-or a fan of 2 or all of them ^^

Tell us which category you would like to be in by sending in a note!!!!!! If you do not send your choice in for a period of time, we will put you in the "Ungrouped" section. You can ask to change your category anytime, but please do not ask to change too often! Thanks! ^_^

PLEASE don't send us notes about the club's spelling- that its "Sannin" not "Sennin." Sannin is the correct spelling, but we didn't found this club. So please stop sending notes about it.
Original Founder: :iconnyuna:
Current Admins: :iconpodgi: & :iconjoycethemonster:

:!: RULES:</i> :!:
1.You HAVE to devwatch us.
2. You HAVE to know who the Three Sennin are.
3. You HAVE to like at least one of them.
4. You HAVE to respect the admins and other club members.
5. DON'T even try to submit artwork that isn't yours! We admins know enough international Naruto and three Sennin related fanarts, so we will catch you if you try to break this rule.
6. PLEASE submit your Sennin-related artwork to us! We'd like to have a huge Sennin-related fanart collection. :D
7. We don't accept retraced or copied official artwork! (artworks made through copying or tracing anime screenshots, manga pages or merchandise illustrations)
8. If you have issues with the club, want to submit or ask something, note the club! Please don't send any club related notes to the admins' regular accounts!

If you break rules 4. and 5., we will exclude you from the club without a prior warning! Besides, we will warn our affiliates about your behaviour.
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How to JOIN:</i>
Send us a note titled "Join" and tell us which of the three Sennin you would like to be a fan of (or two or all of them).
Please give us a week to respond and add you to the members list. After that time try again if you name haven't been listed or you didn't get a reply.
:bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:

Submitting artwork:</i>
Please remember that the artwork should feature at least one of the Three Sennin!
Simply send us a link to (the preview window of) your deviation. Also include the names of the characters featured in the artwork.
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The Club:

Members   - Affiliates - Interesting stuff - Contests - Artwork - Cosplay/Fanworks

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